sâmbătă, 23 iulie 2016

The best software for virtual tours creations

When you are going to move quickly from a continent to another, and when you also knw that you need to sell an apartment, then you have a huge issue on your head, as it is very hard to be able to do all the necessary things in a very short amount of time.

And to sell my property I has in a huge need of a very good agency, an agency that should have been able to provide real customers, and to provide them quickly, s I phone called them,, I have offered a generous commission from the transaction, but nothing happened, no one was visiting my selling house so I started to panic.

Finally I have found a very nice website, Tour Wizard, which is basically a software as a service platform oriented to the real estate industry, with emphasis on marketing and selling properties.

I have understood very fast what was this about, how this software wuld have been able to allow me a faster sale of my house so I have created ana ccount, created a very nice virtual tour with this virtual tour software, then I decided to market my virtual tour on the social media, google ads, twotter, email, etc.

FInally - I had some issues, but the guis from support were very prompt and helpfull, so I have managed to solve all the issues that I have encountered, in a fast and professional way. Needless to say that I was also sold the proprety in notime, as a prove for the fact that this software revolution of the latest years will help a lot of people.

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